Jun 22
Belgian Blue Cow

Steroids and Doping, Does It Matter?

I want to start this article by saying that I am by no stretch of the imagination an authority on doping or steroids. I am a coach and athlete with a keen interest in weightlifting and CrossFit, as well has having a degree in pharmacy. This article is purely my opinions... read more →
Jun 06
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Apr 18
Progress Favours Consistent

Progress Favours the Consistent

It Doesn't Really Matter What You Do A post inspired by a nothing conversation with friends, discussing the progress of top "competitive fitness athletes" on the various training programs that they follow. Some of the various specialty weightlifting, endurance or straight up CrossFit programs, it seems that everyone is involved... read more →
Apr 06
Mar 30
The Dave Castro

CrossFit Open 2016

Nobody is Safe Anymore Another year, another five weeks of brutal workouts finished. This year's CrossFit Open was the most unpredictable open yet. Gone are the days when you could pick from a pool of 15 movements and confidently predict what you were going to be asked to do for... read more →
Mar 23
Mar 15
Ben Smith and Mat Fraser ready to hit the floor in the 2015 CrossFit Games final.

The Number One Secret For CrossFit

This is itOk here it is, after a lot of trawling through the internet, spending long hours searching and many sleepless nights pondering what this might mean, I've finally found the secret to winning the CrossFit Games, the one training tip you will need and you'll never have to listen... read more →