Mar 18

Training 18032015

CrossFit Norwich Class Warm Up Then Strength 20 mins a) 5x Front squat @ 8 on RPE scale b) ME strict pull ups Then Metcon 5 rounds for time 30x OH walking lunges @ 20kg 20x Plate GTOH @ 20kg 10x Toes to bar 15:05 Check out CrossFit Norwich for... read more →
Mar 17

Training 16032015

Yesterday I trained at a 'globo-gym' on my university campus, they have squat racks and a couple of barbells but the majority of the gym is cardio and machines, so I made the most of the situation. I used this as a more active recovery day as I was feeling... read more →
Mar 15
Mar 11

Training 11032015

Warm UpThenStrength20 mins 2x Snatch**Had to focus on the third pull more. Usually I allow the bar to "windmill". Focussed on pulling through after making contact with the bar. ThenMetcon Partner workout AMRAP 16 minutes@50kg3x Hang Clean 3x Push Press3x Front Squat6x Lateral Bar Jumps27+3 push pressFor the programming visit more weightlifting tips check... read more →
Mar 10

Training 10032015

CrossFit Norwich ClassWarm UpThenStrength 20 minutes A) 5x Back Squat @ 85kgB) False grip ring pull upsThenMetcon2 rounds for time400m run20x KB swings @ 24kg20x Goblet squats @ 24kg20x Burpees20x DB snatch @ 20kg20x Sit-ups20x Press ups14:29Click CrossFit Norwich for more info
Mar 09
Mar 07

Building a Base

What makes a good squat? On the face of it, a relatively simple question. Can you drop your hips below parallel and return to a standing position. You will follow a squatting movement pattern every day without giving it a moments thought for example sitting and standing in a chair,... read more →
Mar 05

Training 05032015

CrossFit Norwich ClassWarm UpThenStrengthWork up to a heavy set of the following;1x Hang Clean1x Clean1x Jerk(75kg)ThenMetconPartner workout AMRAP 16 minutes*5x Hang Clean @ 50kg10x Lateral Bar Jumps*Every two minutes perform 10 sit-ups 28 rounds and 5 hang cleans
Mar 04
Ilya Jerk

Jerk Drills

I'm going to kick this blog off with a quick post about some drills I stumbled upon when trying to plan for a class the next day. These drills have helped me with my jerk (admittedly a weak point), and they were picked up on the brilliant Catalyst Athletics exercise... read more →