Oct 25
Conscious Coaching - favourite quote

Build a Program – Brick by Brick

You’re looking for that next kick to take your training to the next level. You’ve been working hard at your training, you’ve put in the hours and the effort and reaped the rewards, but perhaps now you need something a little extra? Maybe you’ve signed up for a competition, you’ve... read more →
Aug 02
10rep Back Squat CrossFit Norwich

Knees Out is Dead

Knees out has been a staple cue for CrossFit coaches over the years. It is a cue that is actively taught at the CrossFit L1 and it is a cue that - on the face of it - makes perfect sense. Knees out is a cue that is promoted to... read more →
Jul 17
Building Habits

Longcut to Legend

How does it feel to know that there is one tactic you can employ to absolutely, 100% completely and utterly guarantee results and progress in whatever it is you choose to do? Want to finally get abs? I can guarantee you that. Want to improve your numbers? I can guarantee... read more →
Jul 03
May 23
Apr 18
The Pareto or 80:20 Principle in The Art of Lifting

Work Smart – The Magical 20%

"One weird trick" "Body hacks" "Eat these fat-burning superfoods". As you're no doubt all aware by now, the majority of marketers in the fitness world claim that they can give you everything you've dreamed of, and you can have it all yesterday. I'm not going to insult your intelligence by... read more →
Apr 01
Scaling CrossFit

Dave Castro Scales, Pass It On

Another year, another CrossFit Open, some very different workouts. Since being founded way back in the 00's CrossFit has continued to change and develop. Some issues arose, they were dealt with, and in the absence of problems, changes were made to keep things fresh and innovative. In my last post... read more →
Mar 04
Jan 15
Jan 03