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The Pareto or 80:20 Principle in The Art of Lifting

Work Smart – The Magical 20%

"One weird trick" "Body hacks" "Eat these fat-burning superfoods". As you're no doubt all aware by now, the majority of marketers in the fitness world claim that they can give you everything you've dreamed of, and you can have it all yesterday. I'm not going to insult your intelligence by... read more →
Apr 01
Scaling CrossFit

Dave Castro Scales, Pass It On

Another year, another CrossFit Open, some very different workouts. Since being founded way back in the 00's CrossFit has continued to change and develop. Some issues arose, they were dealt with, and in the absence of problems, changes were made to keep things fresh and innovative. In my last post... read more →
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London 2012 94kg Weightlifting Podium

Men’s Weightlifting, London 2012

What is going on?! Since the widespread doping scandals across athletics this summer, an unprecedented number of athletes have been retroactively banned from competition and have had their scores wiped from the leaderboard (why Ilya?!). But what does this actually mean for the final standings? In the -94kg category, where... read more →